Career Readiness

There is life after high school and no one prepares you better than WIN.

Whether it’s college, trade school, military or the workplace, WIN provides students with the tools to be career and college ready. Learn More

Readiness Redefined

The 21st century is already producing the most remarkable and unpredictable leaps in human history. Readiness in tomorrow’s economy requires skill and knowledge for the jobs that lie ahead. To be competitive in the global market, America must prepare college and career ready learners and classrooms that empower our workforce with the relevant skills and knowledge to build a smarter, more sustainable economy.

Developing a 21st Century Learner and Workforce

WIN Learning helps ensure all learners have the skills to be career and college ready. WIN’s Personalized Career Readiness System helps students understand and prepare for the realities of the workplace through personalized learning and relevant career-driven education.

We propose that redefining readiness starts with education, business and community working in partnership by crafting an inclusive conversation which continually expands the definition of readiness to include a true Educonomy or connection between education and labor market demand.

Award-Winning Career Readiness System

WIN’s award-winning Career Readiness System includes a series of fully aligned Web-based programs that guide the learner through career exploration and planning process. WIN assesses the foundational and college readiness skills and provides online education and training for the applied skills necessary in the world of work.


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