About JST

About Job Skill Technology, Inc.

Job Skill Technology Inc., was incorporated in 1990 with the sole purpose of providing the best possible programs, services, support and teacher training available. They include public education facilities, alternative education sites, juvenile detention centers, adult education facilities and workforce development centers. These educational centers provide training for K-Adult students, displaced workers, welfare-to-work clients, and state prison inmates. They are some of the finest training facilities in the Midwest.

In working with hundreds of facilities, we have served thousands of students over the years and helped them to achieve their educational and career goals. If you have ever witnessed an adult learner read for the first time and say, “I can’t wait to go home and read to my son”, you’ve missed a touching event. This is what has allowed Job Skill Technology to remain focused on the future, with great enthusiasm.

As your partner, JST emphasizes the highest level of service and support in the following areas: Curriculum/Software      


Teacher Training

Research and Development

On-site Coordination

State-Level Involvement

 About JST